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Consider Dr. Amy’s
DNA Nutrigenomic Test

This is a test that you will need to complete only once in your lifetime. Your DNA will never change, and neither will your Nutrigenomic Test results!

For additional information on this test, SNPs tested, sample results and analysis, view our DNA Nutrigenomic Test

DNA Nutrigenomic Testing and
Focusing on 30 SNPs

A Note from Dr. Amy

“While there are thousands of genes and SNPs that I could look at, for my health program (The Yasko Protocol) I have chosen to focus on the 30 SNPs that are part of a nutritional pathway in the body. It is not a panel that looks at specific genes that are involved in cancer or various disease states. Rather, it is a panel that looks at a natural nutritional pathway that is central to overall health and wellbeing. While many DNA panels work on the ‘more is better’ philosophy, I do not. Even if you ran a panel that looks at more than the 30 key SNPs I review, it is still only a small fraction of the total genes and SNPs in your body as you have about 25,000 genes in your body, some of which may have SNPs or mutations that impact their function.

I only believe in looking at DNA profiles and SNPs that yield information that can be addressed with nutrients. I do not believe in testing just for the sake of testing, which is why I am not a ‘more is better’ advocate in terms of the number of SNPs data on a given test. I believe that DNA testing without any knowledge of how to address the issues that are uncovered is unethical. I believe in targeted testing in a defined nutritional pathway so you have options for natural supports to bypass imbalances that are found and make a positive difference.

The beauty of looking at targeted SNPs in The Methylation Cycle is that it is a nutritional pathway, so you can consider natural products to help support imbalances or SNPs that are found in this pathway. Nutrigenomic Test results that look at SNPs in your DNA should help to put your mind at ease by giving you suggestions that you can act on. Nutrigenomics is a form of Genetic Testing that supplies information that can translate into positive constructive action. I see the ultimate goal of Nutrigenomic Testing to serve as a guide toward proper supplementation to bypass genetic weaknesses identified by SNP results. I believe in running follow up Biochemical Tests to be sure that the nutritional supplements added have the desired positive impact. My ultimate goal is to use Nutrigenomic Testing as a guide to proper supplementation to bypass genetic weaknesses, under the purview of your own doctor,”

Dr. Amy Yasko

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